Thursday, September 24, 2009

Slight course changes for Hit the Brixx

Due to construction on Armory Drive near American Legion Memorial Stadium (next to CPCC), Run For Your Life this week made some alterations to both the 10K and 5K layouts.

Click here to see the current official 10K map, and here for the 5K route. Changes are pretty minor, and won't affect the lengths of either course.

See ya out there Saturday, and good luck!


caitchris said...

Theoden you rock! Not sure if it was you, but good we got the course settled. I knew it was pretty minor, but usually if part of the course is blocked off, it freaks some hardcore runners out (like myself). Anyways, see you out there and GOOD LUCK!!!

dfore said...

Am I the only who didn't notice any hills for Hit the Brixx??? I tried to pace myself the first half so I could be a little more ready for them the second half. The next thing I knew, the race was over. What happened to the hills that this race is supposedly known for??