Monday, April 12, 2010

Charlotte's fastest are shipping up to Boston

One week from today, 25,000 runners will gather in the rural town of Hopkinton to race the 26.2 miles to Boylston Street as part of the 114th Boston Marathon.

Of those 25,000, 132 will represent our area.

To give you a sense of how proud a moment it should be for those 132 people ... well, let's put it this way: That's 130 people out of 1.75 million in the Charlotte metropolitan area. Besides the Olympic trials and the Olympic marathons, Boston is the only major U.S. marathon that requires a qualifying time -- and those standards, as many of you know, are tough. (I actually know a guy who is so obsessed with the prestigious race that he maintains a blog dedicated to chronicling his quest to get there.)

So today, let's pay tribute to five women and five men -- from Charlotte except where noted -- who are making the trip to New England for next Monday's race.

Read to the end to see a full list of our area's Boston qualifiers.

Jill Brashear
Age: 35
Occupation: Stay-at-home mom, fitness instructor
Qualified at: 2009 Snickers Marathon in Albany, Ga.
Qualifying time: 3:46:00
# of marathons run: 3
# of Bostons run: "This will be my first!"
What running Boston this year means to me: "I have been running for nine years. It took me three marathons to qualify for Boston, but I finally did it! I can't wait to cross the finish line and feel the ultimate runner's high after running the most prestigious race in the world of marathons. It will be one of my greatest accomplishments!"

Christi Cranford
Age: 41
Occupation: Software configuration management
Qualified at: 2009 Boston Marathon
Qualifying time: 3:39:10
# of marathons run: 30
# of Bostons run: 5
What running Boston this year means to me: "Running Boston this year is bittersweet. I'll be running without the company of friends who qualified (for the first time) in the late fall and were not able to register for this year's race before it filled to capacity. I'm hopeful the thought of having them with me next year will carry me through the hills of Newton."

Denise Derkowski
Age: 44
Occupation: Executive director
Qualified at: 2009 Myrtle Beach Marathon
Qualifying time: 3:46:57
# of marathons run: 7
# of Bostons run: "This will be the first!"
What running Boston this year means to me: "This is a very special event for me as it took five marathons and a LOT of support to qualify. I was with my twin sister and many friends at Myrtle Beach and it will be sweet to be with many of them at Boston! They made me stand by my word and get a Boston tattoo when I qualified, so I've not shared my future tattoo plans with them in case I change my mind! In closing, I have to say a special thank you to Michelle Larson for believing in me and our coach for the training plans. If I can do it, anyone can!"

Jay Holder
Age: 26
Occupation: TV news producer (WBTV)
Qualified at: 2009 Marine Corps Marathon
Qualifying time: 2:44:35
# of marathons run: 2
# of Bostons run: 0
What running Boston this year means to me: "I've wanted to step up to the starting line in Boston since I fell in love with running back in high school. To me, next Monday will be the fulfillment of that dream. It's the most prestigious race in the world, and just to be a part of it is so incredibly exciting. I'll probably cry when I cross the finish line ... I just hope it's not because I'm in pain!"

Paul Martino
Age: 44
Occupation: Physical therapist
Qualified at: 2009 Snickers Marathon in Albany, Ga. (3:19:44), and improved upon it at the 2009 Ridge to Bridge Marathon in North Carolina (3:13:19).
# of marathons: 36
# of Bostons: 3
What running Boston this year means to me: "My greatest moment in marathoning was standing on the start line at my first Boston in 2005. I get a thrill going with friends who are running Boston for the first time and this year there are several. Boston is a tricky course and in my three previous attempts I have been unable to break 3:30. This time around I just want to enjoy the atmosphere and running with some friends. It will be more of a celebration than a race for me. I am also bringing my children for the first time so it will be a great experience to share with them."

Jenny McGettigan
Age: 31
Occupation: Clinical research associate
Qualified at: 2009 Chicago Marathon
Qualifying time: 3:28:05
# of marathons run: 1
# of Bostons run: 0
What running Boston this year means to me: "Since running is my No. 1 biggest passion, being able to participate in Boston is one of the most significant honors I can imagine. By qualifying for this race, I proved to myself that if I want something bad enough, I can do anything. What an experience to be able to run the world's greatest marathon among thousands of other people from all over the world who share and understand my passion, and I can hardly wait to just take in every aspect of it! Truly a dream come true."

Ed Morse
Age: 46
City of residence: Concord
Occupation: Professor (UNC Charlotte)
Qualified at: 2009 Boston Marathon (3:25:58), improved my time at the 2009 Marine Corps Marathon (3:20:39) "but didn't update my starting postition."
# of marathons run: 5
# of Bostons run: 1
What running Boston this year means to me: "Running Boston this year is about enjoying the experience; savoring the enthusiasm and stories of those around me, spending time with my University City Road Runners friends who are also running, meeting new people, and finishing with a smile."

Paul Newnham
Age: 35
Occupation: Tech project manager
Qualified at: 2008 Thunder Road Marathon in Charlotte
Qualifying time: 3:10:40
# of marathons run: 3 (plus one DNF)
# of Bostons run: "First time next week!"
What running Boston this year means to me: "I've been training pretty much for this one race over the past three-plus years. I graduated from Boston College in '97 and spent my Patriots Days at the top of Heartbreak Hill cheering on the runners (plus a spot of partying, too). I always wanted to be out there on the course, hitting the top of the hill seeing and hearing the crowd -- now's my chance."

Alice Rogers
Age: 31
Occupation: Wine sales rep
Qualified at: 2009 Thunder Road Marathon in Charlotte
# of marathons run: 1
# of Bostons run: 0
What running Boston this year means to me: "Running Boston is a dream come true -- I did the 1/2 in 2008 and the energy for that was insane, so can't imagine the crowd support for the marathon. I wanted my first marathon to be Thunder Road because it's Charlotte and Run for Your Life has been so supportive (this will be my third year being on their racing team). My goal for Boston is to break three hours. Chris Lamperski and Tim Rhodes have been AWESOME getting me ready, so I hope not to disappoint. Boston, for me, is the ultimate rite of passage as a runner. I look forward to saying, 'I've done Boston.' "

Bruce Wagoner
Age: 50
Occupation: Chemist
Qualified at: 2009 Steamtown Marathon in Scranton, Pa.
Qualifying time: 3:31:48
# of marathons run: 11
# of Bostons run: 2
What running Boston this year means to me: "Originally, I had hoped to post a good time at Boston this year. However, a week ago I strained a muscle and now it's my goal just to be able to run it at all. I've done Boston twice before and it is by far the most exhilarating race I've ever been a part of. The other two times I 'raced' the course and consequently was mainly focused internally -- so maybe this year if I am able to go I will try to enjoy the moment more, take in the sights and savor the experience more fully instead of concentrating on pace and distance and time."

of Charlotte-area runners who are registered for next Monday's Boston Marathon:

Bryan Allf, Gastonia
Alejandro Arreola, Charlotte
Michael Barilla, Charlotte
Carly Behrmann, Waxhaw
Rhett Benner, Huntersville
Derek Blalock, Albemarle
Jason Boyer, Hickory
Patrick Boyle, Charlotte
Drew Brashear, Charlotte
Jill Brashear, Charlotte
Michele Britt, Charlotte
Tony Brown, Davidson
Walter Brown, Charlotte
David Buck, Davidson
Denise Burkhard, Charlotte
Meredith Byrne, Charlotte
Robert Cachine, Charlotte
Damon Cahill, Mooresville
Doug Campbell, Charlotte
Mischell Christmas, Charlotte
Christi Cranford, Charlotte
Kevin Creedon, Charlotte
James Cristini, Indian Trail
Whitney Dainko, Mooresville
Deborah Dawson, Waxhaw
Lori Dawson, Waxhaw
Denise Derkowski, Charlotte
Diane Derkowski, Charlotte
Douglas Ellison, Charlotte
Julia Engel, Charlotte
Jeffrey Fearn, Harrisburg
Lynn Finkelstein, Waxhaw
Hunter Fleshood, Charlotte
Amy Fletcher, Charlotte
Lisa Fry, Mooresville
Patrick Fry, Mooresville
Meghan Garofalo, Charlotte
Susanne Gaus-Zikeli, Charlotte
Aregai Girmay, Gastonia
Lauren Giugliano, Charlotte
Leah Grace, Charlotte
Robert Greenlee, Albemarle
Elise Guimont, Charlotte
Stephanie Hall, Hickory
Angela Hamilton, Hickory
Robert Harbaugh, Waxhaw
Sarah Hart, Huntersville
Todd Hartung, Davidson
Samuel Hay, Charlotte
Michelle Hazelton, Charlotte
Michael Hebert, Charlotte
Richard Heinrich, Mooresville
Keri Henley, Charlotte
Chaz Hinkle, Charlotte
Barbara Hodges, Shelby
Jason Holder, Charlotte
Kevin Holley, Matthews
Joe Howell, Harrisburg
Ping Hu, Charlotte
Harold Hudson, Huntersville
Bryan Hurley, Kannapolis
Lance Hutchens, Cornelius
Dennis Hutchinson, Charlotte
David Jackson, Waxhaw
Rick Johnson, Albemarle
Robert Jordan, Matthews
Michael Kahn, Charlotte
Jeffrey Knapp, Hickory
Leslie Knapp, Hickory
Brad Koch, Charlotte
Joseph Korzelius, Albemarle
Monica Kruckow, Charlotte
Kay Kulesa, Charlotte
Sampath Kumar, Charlotte
Michelle Larson, Charlotte
Don Leach, Waxhaw
Frederic Levy, Gastonia
Aaron Linz, Charlotte
Heather Lyerly, Hickory
Robert Macki, Fort Mill
Chris Marciani, Charlotte
John Marotta, Charlotte
Jason Martin, Charlotte
Paul Martino, Charlotte
Lynne Masonis, Charlotte
Adam Mayes, Cornelius
Douglas Mays, Charlotte
Jennifer McGettigan, Charlotte
Rebecca McKeever, Davidson
Terry Meacham, Fort Mill
Lindsey Miller, Huntersville
Robert Mooring, Gastonia
Bill Moran, Waxhaw
Mike Moran, Denver
Edward Morse, Concord
Elizabeth Naum, Charlotte
Paul Newnham, Charlotte
John Oxrider, Charlotte
Chris Page, Charlotte
Tom Patch, Charlotte
Rasmus Pedersen, Charlotte
Dexter Pepperman, Monroe
Michael Peters, Charlotte
Maureen Pulliam, Charlotte
Debbie Quadnow, Monroe
Nadine Rauer, Harrisburg
Anthony Read, Mooresville
Kathy Rink, Davidson
Joseph Roche, Concord
Alice Rogers, Charlotte
Heather Rorison, Charlotte
Adrienne Rosenbloom, Charlotte
Cindy Rosenthal, Matthews
Francie Rudolph, Charlotte
Timothy Russell, Charlotte
Jackie Savage, Charlotte
Joe Schlereth, Pineville
Colby Schwartz, Charlotte
Keith Smith, Charlotte
Michael Smith, Matthews
Tracy Sproule, Charlotte
Michael Starkey, Charlotte
Hazel Tapp, Charlotte
Cheryl Todd, Davidson
Heather Vellers, Mount Holly
Bruce Wagoner, Charlotte
Susan Wallace, Charlotte
Bill Watson, Charlotte
Sean Welsh, Charlotte
Sarah Wenger, Charlotte
Anna Wright, Hickory
Paul Wuerslin, Waxhaw


Sam said...

I've got this great business idea and I need a couple of investors. Let's set up a Hotdog & Beer cart near the Start/Finish line. Looks like most of these folks could use a meal or two.

(lol) Congrats to all that run. This is meant purely as a joke. Don't take it too seriously.

Anonymous said...

After the Green Bay marathon, they give you free beer, brats, and of course cheese at the finish...seriously.

Jack said...

Nice tribute to the runners from the area who earned the honor to run Boston.

Chris Davis said...

I want to wish the best of luck to all participants listed, but especially Dexter Pepperman from Run For Your Life, Bill Moran and Cindy Rosenthal from the TrySports Run Goup and my neighbor Robert Macki. All have played and continue to play a role in my development as a runner, but Dexter, Bill and Cindy, especially. To see them achieve their dreams is just awesome. I will be with each of you in spirit!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to all the Boston qualifiers. What an accomplishment! Enjoy the experience!