Friday, October 15, 2010

Dilworth 8K canceled due to lack of interest

As some of you already know by now, the Dilworth Jubilee 8K and Fun Run -- originally scheduled for Saturday morning -- was canceled earlier this week.

Race director Scott Dvorak had been making an attempt to bring the race back to Charlotte; it had disappeared from the race calendar in 2009 after a 36-year run (the 8K had been billed as "Charlotte's oldest road race").

In 2008, the Dilworth Jubilee race drew 238 men and women. Dvorak said that as of Monday, he'd had only 80 entries for the 2010 edition.

"And I wasn't confident that I would get the 250 needed to be whole by this Saturday," said Dvorak, who owns the Charlotte Running Co. in Dilworth. "If I thought it would have at least been break even, I would've put it on, but I couldn't afford to lose money on it.

"It was a late decision by myself and the Dilworth Community Association to try and revive the race. I think the short time to market it, coupled with the 15k (the Lung Strong 15K in Lake Norman), hurt the numbers. I'm committed to trying it again next year, though. I'm hoping with more planning time and awareness, I can make a go of it next year."

On the bright side, Dvorak has the Charlotte Southpark Turkey Trot on the horizon. He said he's expecting 7,000 participants for the Thanksgiving Day event, which has become an annual tradition for scores of local runners.


Anonymous said...

Weak. Don't host if you can't afford to lose money

Anonymous said...

I think race organizers should look more closely at the racing calendar and see what other races are being held and try to avoid conflicts with other races. I ran this race a few years ago when it was held in August and drew a healthy crowd. The 8K distance is not run often around here and some people may not like it, and this is another race in the Dilworth area and some folks may not think that it is very different from other races.

Anonymous said...

The Turkey Trot & Elizabeth are both 8k's. Nothing wrong with the distance but I'd rather see more 10k's since if you do the half at the Southpark Racefest the only 10k in town is the Brixx.

As for the Dilworth I thought about it but I ran the Blue Points, Yiasou, Hog Jog, Rock & Read, Brixx (both the 10k & 5k), and Komen. I need a break. Maybe this race could be moved to the spring.

Ghost said...

huh, Spring, that's actually not a bad idea.
I bet moving the Dilworth Jumilee to the spring time wouldn't be that bad of an idea at all. Like late April.
It shouldn't conflict with folks doing Cooper River, SouthPark RaceFest, or the Boston Marathon if it was the last Saturday in April.

Anonymous said...

"Lack of interest" or lack of effort? This was "Charlotte's oldest running race" until Charlotte Running Co took it over. RFYL certainly managed to fill up the Lung Strung event. Let's not blame the conflict on the Jubilee date - it hasn't coincided with the race date in several years.

Anonymous said...

I agree, run for your life does a great job advertising for upcoming races.

Anonymous said...

Was this event even promoted - I hadn't heard of it until now, but honestly Charlotte is overrun with races. You'd think someone like RFYL guy would know better.

Turkey Trot's always cool - stick with what works and don't try to last minute plan a roadrace.