Monday, February 21, 2011

Asana Activewear is closing

Asana Activewear -- a SouthPark retailer focused on fitness, yoga, pilates, and running since 2007 -- will close its doors for good within the next month.

In an e-mail, co-founder/co-owner Gary Schwake wrote: "It was a tough decision, but ultimately the best given the circumstances."

Schwake says the store will stay open for another two to three weeks, during which time he'll try to sell its remaining inventory. Prices are currently 50 percent to 80 percent off.

Also, Schwake said that "the intellectual property of Asana ... the brand, websites (both local and e-commerce) and 5,000-person customer list" are available for purchase. "The structure of the sale will enable the buyer to re-open the store in any location they choose." If interested, e-mail Gary at


Anonymous said...

More change we can believe in.

Anonymous said...

they're selling their customer list?

What if I don't want to be part of this sale?

chupacabra said...

"More change we can believe in."

riiiight because no business ever went under when the GOP had the Whitehouse