Sunday, June 28, 2009

'Why do I have knee pain?' Take 2

This is the second in an ongoing series of advice columns featuring your questions about common running ailments, with answers from certified chiropractic sports physician Scott Greenapple of Greenapple Chiropractic Sports & Wellness on Park Road (full bio here).

If you have aches, pains or anything else you're wondering about injury prevention, send me an e-mail and I'll work with him to provide you with some guidance. Meanwhile, let's get to today's question ...

Q. I had arthroscopic knee surgery when I was 15; I am now 34. My knee does not hurt when I run (I just started about two months ago). However, in doing other cardio/strength training work -- specifically squats and lunges -- it will hurt. Should I be wearing some type of knee brace or doing some specific type of stretching beforehand? --Christy

Dr. Greenapple says: Interesting question. I have one for you. I understand it was arthroscopic, but what did they clean out? (Knowing) what they did will give us some guidance as to what should be done for your discomfort. Doing lunges and squats cause a shearing force on some parts of the knee, and can irritate it. Make sure your lunge is in good form, and you may want to only do a partial squat. But this all depends on what is going on with the knee now. You may have developed some arthritis in the knee, or you have not rehabbed your knee properly and left the quads somewhat weak. As with any question over the Internet, you can see it is hard to give advice without proper evaluation. Best suggestion is to have the knee evaluated by someone who has experience with sports injuries and then decide on a treatment plan or exercise advice.