Monday, August 31, 2009

A 30K in Winston-Salem. For $20.

I know not everyone is up for impulse buys in the form of distance races that aren't local, but just thought I'd give you guys a heads up about the Salem Lake Trail Runs, set for Saturday, Sept. 26, in Winston-Salem.

According the the Web site, "the 30K course is a flat and scenic course beginning and ending at Salem Lake -- five-plus miles on asphalt Greenway, 13.5 miles on hard packed dirt around Salem Lake. There are four water stops that you pass twice (roughly every 1.75 to 2 miles).

"The 10K course is point-to-point on a hard-packed dirt trail around Salem Lake. Nearly all 6.21 miles are on hard-packed trails. There are two water stops."

A running buddy, Allen, recommended the 30K to me when while we were running the Blue Points 5K course earlier in the month, and at the time, it sounded interesting but unlikely to make my list -- especially because I've been eyeing the Hit the Brixx 10K/5K, a big Run For Your Life race set for the same morning.

But then I mentioned it during a 16-mile training run Sunday with another friend, Tim, and he lit up, saying he'd heard great things and would love to do it someday (he's passing this year because he's committed to RFYL's Grand Prix Series, and Hit the Brixx's 10K is a GPx race).

So I circulated an e-mail about Salem Lake to a bunch of runners, and the positive feedback now really has me considering a short road trip next month.

One response: "I have done this one. Great race, awesome shirts! No ads on the back and always a creative design. It is a challenging course … not too hilly or anything, but running on dirt, rocks and roots is a bit harder because it requires more concentration."

Another: "Probably my favorite race around here. If I wasn't running the Grand Prix, I would definitely run Salem Lake again."

Also: "It is a fantastic trail run. It is mostly shaded with a portion of the run on asphalt greenway. There is one STEEP, short hill on the course."

Lastly: "The Salem Lakes 30K [ed. note: this is just shy of 19 miles] is a classic pre-marathon training run; I know of a number of people who have done it and loved it."

Oh, the best part? If you register by the end of the day, it's only $20. For a 30K race. (Same price for the 10K.) It's an amazing bargain, in a reportedly great setting. And as it turns out, my NYC marathon training plan has me down for 20 miles that day...

Cost goes up to $25 Tuesday; on race day, you'll pay $30. A portion of the proceeds will go to support the trails and facilities at Salem Lake. Registration is limited to 1,000 entrants, so it is possible this will fill up.


Anonymous said...

If you can't make this event in Sept. The Twin City Track Club runs the Frosty 50K on Jan 9,2010 on the same trail with another 12 miles added. An even better run because it gets you out of the house after weeks of inactivity from the Holidays and Bowl games. I have done both the 30K and 50 K races. Both races are very well run with great shirts and after run events and other goodies! Strongly recommend one or both.

Anonymous said...

I've run this race before and its a great event and great course with no worries about cars. For those of you who are planning a late October or early November marathon this is a great race to go and see what marathon pace feels like for two-thirds the distance.