Saturday, August 1, 2009

Help me help my readers!

Weekend race report going up later today (hopefully). In the meantime, please post comments if you can help either of these guys:

I was wondering if you know of any "over 50" running clubs in the Charlotte area. I live in south Charlotte (Ballantyne area) and enjoy running at McMullen Creek. I'd be interested in joining up with other runners, preferably in my general age category (I'm 54). I'd appreciate any tips you may have on this. --L.C.

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I'm looking for hills to run hill repeats on in Charlotte. Anyone have some good ones? Preferably 200 to 800 meters long and on grass or trail surfaces would be ideal. --A.L.



Anonymous said...

There is a hill about mid way through the 5k course at McAlpine that I like to do hill repeats on. It is about 200 meters long, on a trail surface.

fellrnr said...

There is a hill by the Mallard Creek Elementry School that is about 400 meters from top to bottom and about 75 feet elevation gain. The steeper part of the hill is probably a little under 200 meters with 50 feet of elevation gain. It is 50/50 asphalt/gravel.

Algernon said...

If you are familiar with McAlpine, you can cross from the main trail over weir #4 (closest to Sardis road to Boyce), and go along the bottom trail a little over a klick, until you cross over a drainage pipe with grey rock on both sides. Look off to the left and you will see several paths leading uphill, these are branch lined paths in the woods they go all over the place, very twisty and windy, up and down. They can be very slippery as well.

I do that trail almost every day ending with those paths. From Sardis to Alpine park, back to weir 4 up the first path and down the second path and back to Sardis is just about one dog leash length shy of 9 km. I'm the guy in the gray hat.

pDub said...

Ballantyne Commons Pkwy west of Johnston Rd / Hwy 521. Steepest grade is from near Rushmore Drive to Ballantyne Meadows - at least 400m in length with 5-6% grade. On sidewalk the whole way, and one side of road has no road intesections. Convenient to Ballantyne Corp Park and Ballantyne Express YMCA.

pDub said...

Another hill - Quail Hollow Rd northwest of Carmel Rd in SouthPark area. Convenient to Harris YMCA. Start at bottom of hill near creek. Can get in 800m, but steepest section is about 600m. 4% grade over entire hill with steep sections. Sidewalk the whole way on 1 side of the road with only 1 driveway intersection.