Friday, January 1, 2010

Starting 2010 with (what else?) resolutions

Thanks to the readers who entered the contest for the free registration into the National College Blue Ridge Marathon on the Parkway. All SEVEN of them! (Any of the rest of you suddenly sorry you didn't have me throw your name in the hat??)

It's now official: The runner who woke up this morning to find she'd won the $80 prize -- well, $90 prize as of today -- is ... Alexandra McCollister!

To enter the drawing, readers told me about their running-related New Year's resolutions for 2010. As you peruse what they submitted, just remember: These people have pretty amazing spirits -- each of them was genuinely excited about the prospect of facing more than 3,000 feet of climbing over the course of a 26.2-mile race!

Alexandra McCollister
39, Charlotte

Alexandra's resolution: "I am determined to enter the best 'marathon' ever: the beginning of the rest of my life! I will be 40 on April 16 -- eight days before the Blue Ridge Marathon -- and ran Thunder Road last month as my second marathon ... so I'm easing into the fourth decade of this lifetime. My husband (who is five years younger than me) and our two daughters deserve a healthy and happy wife and mom, I think. And I owe it to myself, too." Alexandra ran a 4:08:07 at Thunder Road.

Alexandra on running: "Running makes life fun and life puts running into perspective. After all, running is just a hobby, a way to take care of oneself and enjoy 'Me Time' so that we can focus on what matters and feel available for what and who really matter!"

- - -

Bobby Aswell Jr.
46, Cornelius

Bobby's resolutions:
"1. Continue running with my two daughters, who love going to road races -- Nicole is 8 and Natalie is 5.
2. Run my 150th marathon and then some. I've completed 144 to date.
3. Run 55-plus races for the year.
4. Run 2,000 miles for the year.
5. Run a marathon on another continent, most likely Europe. I've completed North America, Australia, and Antarctica.
6. Run an ultra marathon distance race greater than 50K."

- - -

Bryan Hojnacki
39, Harrisburg

Bryan's resolution: "Thunder Road was my first marathon and only my third race. I trained all summer for this, and it was well worth the training. I have become inspired by so many ultra runners and 'Marathon Maniacs.' My goal for 2010 is simply to keep running building strength and endurance. I turn 40 in October and would like to do a 40-mile ultra on or around my birthday. I also plan on doing at least two marathons in 2010."

- - -

Lauren Barker
27, Denver

Lauren's resolution: "My 2010
New Year’s running resolution
is to complete a marathon!
I recently ran Thunder Road
(in 2:01:26), my third TRM
and eighth half-marathon since
starting them in 2007.
A full marathon seems like a
daunting task, but I would love
to try it!"

- - -

Scott McCully
43, Charlotte

Scott's resolution: "It's been a couple of years since I ran my last marathon: Richmond 2007, in 3:33. So in 2010, I plan to tackle another. My ultimate goal is to qualify for Boston -- may have to wait until age 45 for the qualifying time to come down. In the meantime, I've maintained 'maintenance' mileage of 25-30 miles per week."

- - -

Jason Silverstein
36, Charlotte

Jason's resolutions: "My running resolutions for 2010 changed with two things: 1) age, and 2) a book. First, age: It's hitting me here in my late 30s that metabolism does in fact exist, and that I'm not getting any younger. My first marathon will have been 10 years ago in June, and I prefer being in that kind of shape. Second, the book "Born to Run" helped me realized I may not be running correctly. I'm definitely going to learn some new methods in 2010 to see about how I can improve my form."

- - -

Mike MacIntyre
42, Cornelius

Mike's resolutions: "My running resolutions are simple: As part of a yearlong celebration of my 15th anniversary being cancer-free, I am running 15 full and half marathons between Nov. 8, 2009 and Nov. 14, 2010. Almost all of these runs have something to do with the numbers '1' or '5,' such as the 5th Goofy Challenge at Disney World, the 5th annual OBX Marathon, the 5th Ridge to Bridge, the 1st Blue Ridge Marathon, the 1st Tobacco Road Marathon, running with a friend doing his
150th marathon, etc. I also plan to lose 15 more pounds."


Anonymous said...

Spencer Mountain is the toughest, and not just because no one shows up to run it!

Distance runners that want a fast course for speed, avoid it. I can leg-press 16(45 lb.) plates on a leg-press and after that 175 ft climb, my legs were shot. Just because people want to keep their times and avoid this run; doesn't mean people don't show up that are tought to run it!

I had to say my piece after that stupid description of the course by whoever!