Friday, January 29, 2010

Winter storm postpones Winter Flight 8K

From the 2010 Winter Flight committee and Salisbury Rowan Runners Club:
The 2010 Winter Flight RRCA State Championship 8K is being postponed till Sunday afternoon, Feb. 21st at 2 PM. Saturday’s race is being postponed based on the National Weather Service’s Hour by Hour forecast, the conditions for Saturday, and to allow those who have to travel long distances to still change their plans. We have had communications with many of those who plan to attend, and hope this will be the best decision for everyone who is planning on running or volunteering. All pre-registered runners will get an e-mail with this announcement. The Salisbury Rowan Runners Club, Rowan Helping Ministries, the RRCA, and all of our sponsors thank you for your participation and support of the event. Pre-registration will reopen. will accept registrations till noon on Feb. 19th. Mail in registrations will be accepted when postmarked by February 17th. Have a safe and warm weekend, and please join us on Sunday afternoon, February 21st. It will be a fun event!! This will be only the second time in the history of Winter Flight that the event will be postponed due to weather.
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Anonymous said...

Funny. Same thing happened when I signed up for it in '05.

Mark Hadley said...

Better to know now than tomorrow morning.

Good call on their part, like they said, by doing this now it
gives travlers a chance to change plans.

Now to plan how to build my colassal snowman.