Thursday, April 16, 2009

RaceFest has steep hills, free beer

I was hoping to get this up earlier, but I'm just glad to get them up at all: A few bits of news and notes from Neil Howard, one of the organizers of Saturday's Charlotte RaceFest:

Q. How many runners are registered?
A. At 2,000 right now and could get to 2,500 [by Saturday] ...

Q. I hear from veterans that the course is hilly. True?
A. First part is pretty flat, with a big hill at 10.5 [for half-marathoners] and another one -- not so big -- right before the finish. So the strategy is to make sure to have enough for that hill. There are six aid stations with Gatorade and water. [For a peek at the route, go to the RaceFest site and click on "Course Map."]

Q. Post-race beers: Free?
A. Beer is free for runners (there'll be eight kegs of Michelob Ultra and Michelob Ultra Amber), and we'll have a live band as usual. There also will be oranges and bananas at finish line, as well as water and Gatorade.

Remember: You can still register for the 10K ($40) or the half-marathon ($50), but only in-person -- either from 3-9 p.m. Friday or from 6-7:45 a.m. on race day, at the Doubletree hotel at SouthPark, 6300 Morrison Blvd.

Forecast is for 52 degrees and sunny at the 8 a.m. start. Hope to see you out there!


Anonymous said...

If you're running the half, you need to run fast to get any beer. Usually the 10k runners drink it all! The big hill at mile 9 or 10 isn't as bad as running all the way up (and I mean UP!) Providence and then the long slow inclines up Sharonview. This is a tough half as they all are in Charlotte!