Monday, April 27, 2009

It's just a number ... or is it?

Tangent of the Day: The bibs for the 13 races I've run (remember, I only started entering events in October) are hung up on a wall of my cubicle with pushpins.

I originally started putting them up at work just -- well, just because it doesn't really fit in with the decor at home. But the more space the display takes up, the more aesthetically interesting it becomes. (To me, at least. Co-workers might not agree.)

Anyway, I'm curious: Do you save your race numbers? Display them? File them? Defile them? Or do you toss yours in a trash bin as you exit the post-race festival?


Anonymous said...

Theo...13 races in 7 months is quite a lot. Make sure you have enough time between events so you can progress and lower your times.

As to your question...I used to keep the milestone bibs but not anymore (well I did keep a recent one which was my first AG medal). I will keep first marathon bib though (I am registered for NYC better be in the lottery like everyone else and not get in on a press pass)!

Good luck and see ya on the course on Saturday.

Chad R. said...

Race numbers are kinda neat to keep, but be sure to mark the occasion, distance, finishing time, and any other notes on them, as many of them are generic. I put mine in a folder, and one day I'll look thru them.

Rachel said...

oh that is a really good idea to right all the info on the bibs. i'm definately going to keep all of mine. i have three so far, and i pin them onto my corkboard in my bedroom but i'll probably find something interesting to do with them one day. i think they're like treasure in my eyes :-)

Anonymous said...

Get binder rings (from any office store) and slip them on there through the pin holes. They take up less room and you can keep them in order.

Generic bibs suck. I wish they wouldn't use them.

Anonymous said...

I keep the numbers that are from more interesting races - and I write my time and other info on the back (like who I ran with and what the weather was like). I just keep them in a shoe box and its fun to look back on them after a few years.

The real question is what to do with all the race t-shirts! I keep my favorites and periodically purge the others to goodwill. I wish more local races would give you the option to pay less and not get a shirt.

chupacabra said...

I never really knew what to do with them, but I didn't really want to throw them out. I have a few in my training notebook, the half marathon ones I have on my wall at work.