Saturday, October 17, 2009

LungStrong: Was it good for you?

Facebook friends share their thoughts on the Lungstrong 15K, held this morning in Cornelius:

Stan Austin (1:01:50): "It was perfect running weather. The jacket and gloves sure felt good afterward, though."

Jason Gardner (1:19:30): "Thought it was a good race. I enjoyed getting to [see all] the 5K runners [coming at us on Jetton Road]. I did not enjoy the cold wind on the way back and a couple of over-anxious drivers coming a bit to close to me. I went into the race with the goal of using it as a training run for the marathon so I'm not sure how I would have felt about it if I was pushing harder."

Karen Graboski (1:33:59, with a knee injury): "It was fun. It probably would have been more fun if it was a little warmer, sunnier, etc., but can't ask for it all. New shoes from last night and some funky tape for the knee and I almost made my 90-minute cut off time. Hobble on!"

Megan Hepp Hovis (overall female winner, in 55:40): "I had a blast out there today. I have not raced in Charlotte since this race last year. I could not miss my favorite course! Set a new PR for myself for the course and that makes me optimistic going into the OBX marathon in a few weeks. Love, love, love the scenery on this course!!"

Stacey Hien (1:23:12): "Great race! PR for me on that course!! Good race for the week before Marine Corps Marathon. Great support on the course that had more turns than any race I've ever run. Great cause. I'm friends with [a] lung cancer survivor [and] I ran for her today!! Run for someone who can't!!"

Aaron Linz (57:57): "Very cool course. A lot of turns, but volunteers did well to direct folks. Love the [Snickers] Marathon Bars."

Brian Sammons (1:03:21): "Great course and near-perfect running weather. Had a lot of fun out there, I hear the beer could have been better -- I had to [leave right afterward] -- but all in all a great run on a great course!"

Allen Strickland (1:07:46): "Today's cool conditions made things infinitely better than the unseasonably warm Saturday a week ago. I came through the [first] 10K nearly four minutes faster than [my time at a] 10K time [I ran] last week. ... Some of us might have gone even faster if we didn't have to run off the road, up an embankment, to avoid a firetruck. All in all, I felt like it was a great race."

Bill Waterson (1:20:52): "I had a great time. I loved the course. I also had a PR for a 15K. OK, so it was my first one..."

[For full 15K results, click here. For full 5K results, click here.]

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Anonymous said...

First time at the LungStrong 15k and it won't be my last. Great scenery, but for some of the slower folks I heard that they missed a turn due to a missing volunteer... Didn't dampen their spirits though. Everyone PR'd since it was all their first.

Big Baller said...

I enjoyed the race as I actually got to check out some of the scenery for the 1st few miles before picking it up for my workout. The festivities during and after were cool, and you know the I liked the Beer truck.