Friday, October 2, 2009

Odds + ends for my running friends

A few interesting nuggets to pass along before heading into the weekend:

Charlotte-based superstar marathoner Megan Hepp Hovis, who is aiming to qualify for the U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon in 2012, is deep into her training for the 2009 OBX Marathon on Nov. 8. I've run into her a couple of times recently, including this morning at the head of the Davidson College cross-country trails -- and I asked her today for a quick rundown of her OBX goals.

Says Megan: "One, PR from last year at OBX [when she ran a 2:49]. Two, try to defend my title [yup, she won in '08]. My reach goal is to break the N.C. marathon record [approximately 2:44]. My most amazing goal: Come home with a Hovis team win [her husband Ben, the cross-country coach at Providence Day and himself a 2:33 marathoner, is also running OBX]." Oh, and last but not least: "Enjoy the awesome race with my Charlotte running buddies and the cheering pirates :)"...

Megan (Bib No. 97) finished 12th in the 2008 USA Olympic Marathon Trials in Boston, where she ran her best marathon time of 2:37.29.

On Oct. 17, Megan -- who rarely races in the Charlotte area -- will run the Lung Strong 15K with Ben. I'll profile the Hovises, a.k.a. the fastest couple in Charlotte, in this space on Nov. 2.

* * *

If you want to run the Myrtle Beach Marathon or Half Marathon on Saturday, Feb. 13, but haven't signed up yet, you should do so in the next couple weeks. Organizers changed the pricing structure this year, and if you don't register early, the price jumps up considerably: Right now, it's $60 for the half and $70 for the full. On Oct. 12, it goes to $80 for the half and $90 for the full; and on Dec. 12, the fees will increase to $100 and $110, respectively. MB also usually sells out ... so ... make up your mind already! :) For more info or to register, click here. (Thanks to Vac & Dash in Albemarle for the reminder about this one!)

* * *

The 2009 Lung Strong 15K/5K race is seeking volunteers to held with the popular event, which is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 17, in the Lake Norman area. Volunteers will be needed from around 6 a.m. to no later than 11 a.m. The uncommon 15K distance attracted more than 500 runners in 2008, while more than 400 ran the 5K. For more info on the race -- which takes place in Jetton Village off of I-77's Exit 28 -- click here. Volunteers will earn a free T-shirt for their support. Questions? Ready to commit? E-mail Laura Young at