Friday, December 4, 2009

Gift ideas -- by runners, for runners.

Unfortunately, none of our loved ones can wrap a 5K PR or a Boston Marathon qualifying time in a big red bow.

So why not focus on the the holiday gifts they can get us?

If you're still trying to decide what to ask for this year, take a moment to consider these eight ideas: There's something here for every budget, and each item comes straight from the wish lists of runners just like you.

Yankz! Sure Lace System, $6-$8 (running stores;

"I became loyal to Yankz! not long after the first time I had to step out of a race to tie my laces. Yankz! are always tied, always the right tension, and they make slipping your shoes on and off a breeze -- also convenient at airport security!"
--Pam Lilley, 37, Cornelius

Road ID Wrist ID Sport, $20 (

"Two reasons: One, to have my emergency contact info and medical info on it, so if I am injured or have asthma issues, family can be reached immediately; two, to have a quote from my son inscribed on it -- to get me through the hard miles!"
--Julia Bousman Vertreese, 37, Charlotte

"Born to Run," $25 (bookstores)

"On rare occasions, during long training programs, I can get a little burned out. Reading a good book on running is a great way to get motivated, and this one -- about lessons learned from a reclusive tribe of great distance runners -- is my No. 1 choice!"
--Scott Martin, 26, Charlotte

Black Diamond Icon Headlamp, $65 (

"About 10 years ago, headlamps were powered by an external battery pack you had to carry. Headlamps are now much more user-friendly. I need a new one because the days have gotten short -- plus, my wife took my old light, and we can't share!"
--Chad Randolph, 44, Mooresville

Vibram FiveFingers Classic, $75 (

"I read in 'Born to Run' about how they make both your feet and lower legs stronger while forcing you to shorten your stride, which can reduce the impact on your feet and help prevent injuries. 'Prevent injuries' are the magic words!"
--Caitlin Chrisman, 23, Charlotte

Newton Running Gravity, $175 (

"They change your running gait to a more natural form, creating less stress on the body. Less stress translates to a quicker recovery, which equals better training. ... . I actually have a pair -- just need another from Santa because they're expensive!"
--Mike Smith, 38, Matthews

Garmin Forerunner 405, $300 (

"It's got the same GPS functionality for tracking distance and pace that is on my current training watch, the 305 ... but the 405 is more lightweight, has longer battery life, and wirelessly syncs data. This is why I want -- no need to upgrade!"
--Bill Shires, 44, Charlotte

Precor EFX 5.35 Elliptical, $5,000 (

"On days that I'm supposed to not run, the elliptical is a great way to get in a workout without the pounding of the pavement. It's also great when you need an early-morning or late-night workout and its too dangerous to be outside by yourself!"
--Megan Hovis, 27, Charlotte

Now ... what's on YOUR holiday wish list?


Christmas Gifts said...

I share the same views. Liked your blog very much.

Spamboy said...

Would agree with most of them except for the Garmin 405 -- noone I run with has had anything positive to say about the mid-run performance of the unit, which is prone to misfiring screen changes because of excessive sweat. I'd recommend going with the 305 instead.

gift said...

Spamboy, thanks for the advise on the Garmin. Overall a solid article, kudos to the writer.
Some Other Gift Ideas

Dee said...

I've had no problems with my 405. If you lock the bezel the screen doesn't change (at least it has never for me) regardless of sweat level. And it's very easy to unlock the bezel while running to change the screen if you want. It would be on my wish list if I did not have it already.

electro said...

you forgot the nike frees.. i dont think the newtons ever took off...vibrams are great though...i first saw em here

but its still not as good as the nike free's.. i think they also have a comparison on the site:

Posted by: jason | Dec 6, 2009 12:58:42 AM

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Mae said...

I love the Vibram FiveFingers Classic. It's very comfortable and helps prevent injuries indeed. Running has been my passion since I was a teenager. That's why when I'm giving gifts to my friends who share the same passion with me, I always give what I would also like to receive. So, if I'm comfortable with Vibram, I also give my friends Vibram.


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zbsports said...

That was a good tips for us runners...I have a friend runners and his b-day is coming I guess I have to pick one of those in the list...

fun gifts for runners said...

Fun Gifts for Runners

Thanks for sharing these Amazing Gifts, All the ideas are wonderful and on affordable price. But I love shoes so, I liked Newton Running Gravity most.. If you want then you can add some T-shirt, Trousers, and Sports equipment too...