Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thunder Road odds + ends

It's finally (almost) here: The gun goes off for Charlotte's Thunder Road Marathon on Saturday at 7:50 a.m. Here are a few bits of news that might interest you:

  • Concerned about the weather? Latest forecast from the National Weather Service indicates rain or freezing rain is likely (60 percent chance). High temp will be about 40. But don't get too worried about a cancellation. In an e-mail to me this morning, race director Tim Rhodes wrote: "The only way we would cancel is if the police call it because of weather/traffic concerns. I spoke with the event officer and he did not sound concerned yesterday. My thought is that most of the undesirable weather is going to happen later in the day." My fingers are definitely crossed...
  • Runners, volunteers and spectators should remember: There's NO free parking uptown. So be prepared to walk a few blocks to the start ... or ... drive south of uptown, park near a Lynx station, and take the light rail to the Convention Center.
  • Thunder Road's free Health & Wellness Expo opens at 11 a.m. Friday, Dec. 11 -- and it's open to everyone, not just for registered runners. It'll be held at the Charlotte Convention Center (501 S. College St.) and will feature nearly 50 vendors, including representatives from major retailers and shoe companies, along with opportunities to buy all manner of running accessories and to learn about how to be a healthier runner. Expo hours are 11 a.m.-9 p.m. Friday, then from 6:30 a.m.-noon on race day.
  • Organizers are still seeking about 55 to 60 volunteers. If I could afford to pay you out of my own pocket to help out, I would. If I wasn't running myself, I'd be volunteering. I know the weather won't be the greatest, but a race this big can't go on without course monitors and people to hand out cups of water, among other things. Maybe you can convince a friend to join you -- it'll make the people-watching doubly awesome. Plus, you're guaranteed a cool long-sleeve volunteer T-shirt (along with a personal "thanks" from me if I see you, for whatever that's worth). Care to help? E-mail Jessica Douglas at jessica@runforyourlife.com.


Audra said...

Crappy weather at Thunder Road? Sounds like a Charlotte tradition!

Anonymous said...

Weather in early December in Charlotte is alwats a crap shoot. I have run previous Thunder Road marathons's when the temp at race start was 16 and others when it was 50. Like any other day running, plan ahead and prepare. If you are lucky enough to have some chering for you along the course, you might want them to carry another pair of socks, shirt or hat to change if it is too wet. If the weather really turns bad, you can always say I ran a marathon in a ..... Just adds character to another great story of someone who has just finish a marathon!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the chip pick-up is Friday at the expo or Sat morning?

I can't remember from last year but it would be cool to have that taken care of before Sat.

Anonymous said...

Chip pickup will be at the same time you pick up your packet at the Expo either Friday or Saturday before the race.