Sunday, December 20, 2009

What's happening with the Frosty 5K Series?

The short answer is: I don't know.

In fact, no one seems to be sure yet what exactly is going on with the former Charlotte Health & Fitness Magazine's annual January/February/March trail races, which had been held in local greenways and parks.

I first got wind that things were up in the air while putting together my "10 races that wowed us in 2009" column last week, thanks to a tip from reader Tracy Rabon. Then an anonymous poster made a comment on that blog entry suggesting that the fate of both the Frosty series and its summer counterpart (the Summer Trail Series) were uncertain.

And after hearing from another person who clearly was taking it for granted that the Frosty 5K races would be kicking off as usual next month, I sent an e-mail inquiry to a few folks over at the new CHF Monthly -- and got a response from co-founder Bill Crowder.

Here's what he had to say:

"Until October of 2009, David Klein operated 'Charlotte Health and Fitness' Magazine. Within the operations of the magazine, he diversified and promoted the events where you have questions. In October, he closed the magazine operations. Andrew and Ron Houghting and myself founded a new publication, CHF Monthly [Carolina Health and Fitness]. We also service the healthy lifestyles market for our readers.

"We are increasing the magazine's page count and distribution. David is developing the events business under a new company. [There is no relationship between the two businesses.]We, too, have had numerous questions on the Frosty 5K, so last week I e-mailed David and asked him what we should tell those with questions. He said that in a very few days he would have the infrastructure in place, and would be promoting events for runners."

Translation? Stay tuned. As soon as I have the information on the new races, I'll pass it along. ...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the detective work. These winter and summer races were a great way to introduce locals to the trails and greenways in Mecklenburg County. I really enjoyed running both series the past few years and hope they continue.

Melissa said...

Thank you for the information. I was looking around online last week for the Frosty 5K series and was really disappointed that there wasn't any information. I ran the last 2 races last year and was looking forward to running the entire series this year.

Am I wrong or are they missing the boat by waiting this long to put the information out there? After not finding anything, I decided to do the Run Downtown Greenville 5K. I'm not sure when the Frosty 5K would be or if it would even fit into my schedule this year.

At any rate, will stay tuned ...

Anonymous said...

Great courses. Not entirely accurate distances, but who cares. Anytime I can get off the roads is fine with me.

Let's hope the Frosty 5k's continue.