Friday, February 5, 2010

Run a little, help Haiti a lot

UPDATED INFO at 10:28 a.m. Friday!

From Jay Holder of the Charlotte Running Club: "Due to flooding issues at McAlpine Park, we are moving tomorrow's Dollars for Distance Event to the Dowd YMCA (400 East Morehead St. near uptown). We will meet on the back porch at 8 a.m. and run in the direction of Freedom Park. Other than that, the concept remains the same. We hope you can still make it. (CRC Chairman) Aaron Linz and I will be there to collect donations, and help people split into pace groups. See you in the morning!"

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UPDATED INFO at 10:07 a.m. Thursday!

From Tom Walsh at TrySports: "We are going on with the TrySports fun run (Haiti fundraiser) -- rain, shine, snow, sleet or ice! Crossing our fingers and hoping for the best!"

From Jay Holder of the Charlotte Running Club: "The Dollars for Distance event is going to be rain or shine. We talked about moving it back, but ultimately decided runners are a pretty crazy group and will come out in the rain."

Also, in regards to the latter event, I just got an e-mail from Eimear Goggin of the Charlotte Running Club. She says if you can't make it to McAlpine Park on Saturday but still want to contribute, just keep track of the miles you do that day in your neighborhood or at your gym, then arrange to get a donation into a club board member's hands. E-mail for details on how to do that. If you're injured, she says, you're welcome to show up Saturday and sponsor another runner.

If you're interested in meeting some new runners while helping earthquake victims in Haiti, you'll have two choices this Saturday.

And you will indeed have to choose -- because by (apparently) coincidence, both the Charlotte Running Club and the TrySports store in the Blakeney Shopping Center have scheduled fun runs/fundraisers at overlapping times on the same morning.

TrySports' "Run For Haiti" is likely to be the more organized of the two events. The combination 3 Mile Fun Run and Shoe Donation Drive is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. Saturday, and participants are being asked to donate $20 and/or pairs of used or new shoes. All profits will be donated directly to the American Red Cross; the shoes will get to Haiti by way of Deserving Soles. Store is at 9830 Rea Road, Suite H. Details: 704-544-4626.

But the Charlotte Running Club's "Dollars for Distance" fundraiser, scheduled for McAlpine Creek Park (8711 Monroe Road), has a more novel concept: Runners will meet at the park's main entrance at 8 a.m., divide up into pace groups, and start running. When you're tired, just stop, tally up your miles, and donate a dollar for every mile you've run (cash or check will be accepted). All proceeds go directly to the Red Cross Relief Fund.

Presumably, these two events -- which are taking place less than 20 minutes away from each other -- were scheduled independently and not intended to compete. That's a little unfortunate, since I'd have made a point to attend both if they'd been planned on separate days.

Still, I'd strongly endorse either of these runs. The CRC and TrySports are wonderful contributors to the local running community, and I hope the turnouts are terrific at both McAlpine and Blakeney. The more money these two organizations can raise for earthquake victims in Haiti, the better.

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Anonymous said...

Went to Try Sports and Charlotte Running Company web site looking for more detailed info, but found nothing about these events on their site. Would like to do the Try Sports run, but don't know how early I need to show up to register or donate before the event starts. Hope someone blogs with more info.

Anonymous said...

Arrive around 8 at TrySports. This will not be a race, but just a fun run for charity. Many thanks to anyone who comes out to run and donate, via either the TrySports run or the Charlitte Running Club event.

Anonymous said...

Why is is this infor not posted on TRYSPORTS? I did find it on CRC web. Makes no sense not to advertise on their web of FB?! With that said, i will be participating in one of the events.

Anonymous said...

The Charlotte Running Club event is very simple:
1) show up by 8:00
2) run
3) run some more
4) run as much as you can
5) donate a dollar for every mile you run
6) you can pay with cash or check
7) money is given to a CRC Board Member (scroll down a bit)

Anonymous said...

The Charlotte Running "Company" website will not have info about the McAlpine Haiti Run being hosted by the Charlotte Running "Club". Check out their website and maybe you will find information. Read the article a little more carefully.

aaron said...

Much thx to Theoden for blogging about both events. Both are for a terrific cause and since most of us are running no matter what the weather this weekend, why not motivate yourself to push through the lousy weather in support of a great cause. - Happy Running Folks and thanks to both Charlotte Running Club and TrySports for organizing these events on short notice.

run.charlotte.webmaster said...

I'm having some foot ISSUES and may not be able to run ... but I'll be at McAlpine Park and would like to help. So if you're there, find me and ask me to sponsor you before the money runs out. (ultrarunners need not apply!)