Monday, February 8, 2010

'Running Into Love,' Part One

Between now and Thursday, in honor of Valentine's Day, I'll feature four short love stories -- as told by a local runner whose relationship was forged on the asphalt.

Up first is MARK HADLEY, 40, of Charlotte:
"In 1986, I was a senior in high school and being recruited to come and run cross-country and track for the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss). During my recruiting trip, I was supposed to be shown around campus by a freshman runner from Charlotte, N.C.

The first day, the coach and she got the location mixed up; the second day she and the coach got the time mixed up; so she and I never met, and I was escorted around by someone else.

A year later, I arrived at Ole Miss and finally met Jennifer DeCann -- and within a few months, we began dating. Four years later, we graduated and got married. That was in 1991. Now, almost 19 years and thousands of running miles later, we are still happily married and have three great kids, two of which are also runners.

Running has been good to us."
Mark Hadley is the father of 13-year-old phenom Alana Hadley. The above photo is from his and Jennifer's wedding day (July 20, 1991), and to those who know him, he says: "Yes, I really had hair back then."


Anonymous said...

I ran with Jennifer in junior high and high school. And I attended that wedding!! I had forgotten her married name and am not surprised that her daughter is the one I've been bragging about to my family. Jenny would probably be surprised that I have run a couple half marathons and am training for my first marathon. She is light years faster that I am, but was a real friend through school. Thanks for update... Monica

Cool Down said...

Love on the run - Great theme for the week.