Monday, November 15, 2010

Charlotte has a great day in Richmond

Local runners continued to make an impact on major fall marathons over the weekend, as Charlotteans filled four of the Top 21 spots on the leaderboard at Saturday's SunTrust Richmond Marathon.

The top area finisher was Paul Mainwaring, 36, who ran a personal best of 2:35:10 about 11 months after finishing third overall at the Thunder Road Marathon in 2:38:16. He was seventh overall at Richmond, which boasted a much deeper field than Charlotte's event.

Paul provided a quick recap of his race in an e-mail to me this morning:

"I went through the half in 1:17:24, so I was right on schedule. ... As we hit the bridge back into the city at Mile 16-17, it started to become a bit of a grind. I was still hitting sub-six-minute miles, but having to work a bit harder. However, the crowd support here was great as we headed back through the city, and I was reeling in the odd runner, too, so was able to keep on pace.

"The last five miles are flat and fast. I was hoping to turn on the burners at this point, but it became more of a question of getting to the finish on pace rather than picking it up. I was relieved to finish right around my goal time."

Paul added that he would highly recommend the Richmond Marathon, noting a "great" course layout and "excellent" crowd support. He also wanted to give a few shout-outs:

"Special thanks to my coach, Tim Budic, who plans my training and advises me on race tactics. He is always spot on with his advice and his guidance was a huge part of my success in this race. Also to the Charlotte Running Club. Too many people to mention individually, but whether it be for support during workouts or company on long runs or recovery days, I can always count on being to able to find some awesome people to run with. Finally, to my family, which has to put up with me while I'm doing all my training!"

Three other Charlotte Running Club members finished under three hours: 27-year-old Jay Holder (2:40:28), 37-year-old Aaron Linz (2:41:32) and 29-year-old Alejandro Arreola (2:47:16). The area's top female finisher was Fort Mill resident Terri Marshall, 47, who ran a 3:24:41.

Here are the results for 65 other locals who finished the Richmond Marathon on Saturday:

Tom Ricks, 36, Charlotte, 3:04:41
Edward Morse, 47, Concord, 3:14:50
Patrick Joseph, 22, Cornelius, 3:18:41
Michael McWhirter, 28, Gastonia, 3:19:55
Rasmus Pedersen, 35, Charlotte, 3:22:47
Philip Ciccarello, 27, Charlotte, 3:23:18
Bryan Hurley, 42, Concord, 3:24:50
Naim Bouhussein, 47, Davidson, 3:24:52
Tim Gannon, 39, Charlotte, 3:28:44
Diane Lancaster, 45, Waxhaw, 3:31:50
Beth Pierpont, 46, Charlotte, 3:33:04
Brenda Morris, 37, Matthews, 3:34:47
Mark Ulrich, 37, Charlotte, 3:35:08
Jaclyn John, 33, Charlotte, 3:35:57
Brian Trotter, 36, Gastonia, 3:36:21
Judy McCarter, 43, Huntersville, 3:37:16
David Whitehead, 57, Salisbury, 3:39:26
Glenn Duffy, 47, Charlotte, 3:42:09
Aprille Shaffer, 52, Charlotte, 3:42:46
Amy Hannon, 39, Charlotte, 3:43:10
Jenna Drury, 37, Charlotte, 3:47:24
Wesley Wetmore, 37, Charlotte, 3:57:09
Brad Lower, 44, Fort Mill, 3:57:36
Charles O'Dell, 46, Charlotte, 3:57:46
Peter Steelman, 46, Charlotte, 3:58:36
Denise Burkard, 46, Charlotte, 4:01:45
Emma Evitts, 27, Charlotte, 4:04:23
Nicolae Turcanu, 40, Hickory, 4:05:38
Denise Hauser, 28, Charlotte, 4:05:39
Celeste Bailey, 36, Charlotte, 4:05:55
Cathy Lankford, 36, Charlotte, 4:06:27
Shelly Lee, 38, Charlotte, 4:09:21
Andy Brincefield, 36, Charlotte, 4:12:39
Scott Helms, 40, Charlotte, 4:12:49
David Gresty, 45, Mooresville, 4:13:48
Bryan Saldarini, 29, Huntersville, 4:13:49
Kendall Calvin, 43, Concord, 4:16:12
Kathy McRae, 48, Charlotte, 4:16:17
Denise Derkowski, 45, Charlotte, 4:16:38
Janet Morse, 43, Concord, 4:16:38
Holly Townsend, 40, Charlotte, 4:16:39
Kimberly Ward, 45, Waxhaw, 4:17:35
Randy Adams, 56, Gastonia, 4:17:36
Michelle Olaya, 33, Charlotte, 4:18:33
Paul Simica, 46, Huntersville, 4:18:36
Christopher Iacubucci, 24, Pineville, 4:22:14
April Caya, 30, Concord, 4:22:54
Laura Calvin, 35, Concord, 4:25:13
Cam Selvey, 41, Harrisburg, 4:30:05
Peyton Jensen, 34, Huntersville, 4:32:20
Michael Reimels, 35, Huntersville, 4:36:29
Trish Sexton, 37, Fort Mill, 4:37:50
Jenny Carlson, 32, Charlotte, 4:41:50
Elizabeth Wetmore, 37, Charlotte, 4:45:26
Michael Wilson, 27, Gastonia, 4:48:56
Jane LaVenture, 39, Matthews, 4:49:58
Carie Kahn, 43, Hickory, 4:51:51
Kathleen Belfiore, 49, Mount Holly, 4:54:53
Brian Robinson, 30, Huntersville, 4:55:42
Diane Coffin, 34, Charlotte, 5:00:44
Mitch Barnes, 52, Charlotte, 5:06:36
Norma McKee, 42, Gastonia, 5:10:39
Meg Meaher, 32, Charlotte, 5:29:08
Paul Linden, 53, Gastonia, 5:38:09
Heather Snavely, 39, Fort Mill, 5:49:25


Mark Hadley said...

Congratulations to all the Charlotte runners who traveled, competed and conquered the races in Richmond.

Extra special congratulations to Paul who ran a great race and to Tim who came up with a great plan for him (as always).

Rock on Charlotte runners, Rock on.

Philip said...

What an excellent write up. Thank you Theoden for recognizing all the Charlotte Runners!

Aaron Linz said...

Dang, did not realize that many fellow Charlotte runners were up there. That is terrific and congrats to all. A fun place to race. Also noteworthy was all the Charlotte runners who did so well in the half marathon in Richmond. There is a very large and competitive half that at least 5 local runners had a PR at. Congrats!!!

Denise Hauser said...

I am excited to see how many Charlotte runners participated. What a beautiful day and a great course! Thanks for the piece and for listing all of us who participated. Congrats all!

willrun4food said...

Way to go Paul, Jay, and Aaron. They run so many miles together and work so hard. And congrats to the rest of the Charlotte crowd - yet again, a good turnout. It is interesting how CRC and so many other area runners are pushed to the limit running workouts together and at the same time individually are so motivated and dedicated. The results coming in this marathon season have been such an inspiration.