Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Charlotte Southpark Turkey Trot news

Did you have trouble registering for the hugely popular Thanksgiving Day event last night? You weren't the only one. The online registration process was not working from about 6 p.m. Monday to 9 this morning -- but the issue has been fixed.

Says co-race director Scott Dvorak: "Here's what has happened. The timing company was under the impression that online was going down yesterday at 6 p.m., when it was actually today at 6 p.m.. I wasn't able to reach them last night to discuss it, so unfortunately, it was down for about 13 hours. I've since gotten ahold of them and had them put it back up. It will be available until 6 p.m. tonight ... as advertised. Obviously, I'm not happy that the situation has occurred and I've done my best to rectify it."

Dvorak says anyone who registered on or before Nov. 17 will be able to pick up their packet today, Wednesday or race day, at Bojangles' of SouthPark, 6555 Morrison Blvd. (across from SouthPark Mall); those who registered on or after Nov. 18 will have to wait until Wednesday or race day to pick up their packet.

Co-organizer Neil Howard tells me about 6,000 people are registered for Thursday's event, and that there will be NO race-day registration.