Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Run, walk, hike, bike, or swim for a cure

There are all kinds of worthy causes to support during the holiday season (and year-round). This is just one:

Laura King Edwards e-mailed me recently to tell me about her 12-year-old sister, Taylor King.

Taylor has run two 5Ks in the past two years -- the 2008 Jingle Jog and the 2009 Girls on the Run 5K -- despite the fact that she is completely blind and suffers from Batten disease, a fatal brain disorder.

"Her running prowess is just one of many examples of her inspiring courage and grit," says Laura. "As a runner myself, I wanted to find a way to translate the miles I accumulate into a happy ending for children like Taylor."

And so, Miles to a Miracle was born. This new campaign supports Taylor’s Tale, a nonprofit organization Laura and her family founded to help find a cure for Batten disease. To date, Taylor's Tale has raised about $250,000 for the search for a cure, Laura says.

Miles to a Miracle is an online portal integrated with our website and can be found
here. People can support the search for a cure in a variety of ways, from running, walking, hiking, biking and/or swimming to other forms of aerobic exercise (10 minutes = 1 mile). You can also simply support the efforts of family members and friends.

The current goals, Laura says, are "to complete a virtual journey around the world for kids with Batten disease, and ... to raise $24,901, or one dollar for each of the 24,901 miles around the earth at the equator."

She adds: "Essentially a mini-Facebook site, Miles to a Miracle is also a fun way for people to network with other athletes/active people and share their own stories. Fundraising is encouraged but not required -- simply taking part in the fun and, by doing so, helping us spread the word about Batten is tremendous in itself!"

To register (or for more details), click here.