Friday, May 22, 2009

He slept in a porta-potty? Why??

A little behind on this, since my issue of Runner's World arrived so late to my mailbox this month, but ...

... did you see the little story on Page 24 about the Charlotte kid who SLEPT IN A PORTA-POTTY the night before he won a race down in S.C.??

Here's the item:

Justin Weber, 18, a college freshman from Charlotte, North Carolina, couldn't afford a hotel stay before the Folly Beach 10-Miler near Charleston, South Carolina, in November. A rainstorm kept him from camping outside. So Weber spent the night in a porta-potty. The cramped quarters didn't hurt his race time: He won in 1:02.

"I sat on the seat lid and leaned back against the wall. I actually got a good night's sleep. The stall was clean, and I was right by the beach, so it was soothing listening to the waves."
This begs oh-so-many questions, Justin my man. Among them:
  • How did you get from here to there in the first place? Apparently not by driving yourself -- otherwise, you would have slept in your car AND NOT TWO FEET ABOVE FESTERING PILES OF ... well, you know what.
  • College requires money. 3.5 hours of travel requires money. Training yourself to run at a speed of 10 miles per hour for 62 minutes -- somewhere along the way, that kind of dedication requires money. Could you or your parents not have sprung for, at minimum, a Wal-Mart pup tent? Short of that, I mean, aren't there bridges or awnings that provide shelter from the rain in Folly Beach?
  • A "clean" porta-potty? Isn't that an oxymoron? I can barely stand to be in one for 30 seconds without puking in my mouth. A whole night??
  • Do you know why you've never opened the door of a porta-potty to find a homeless person sleeping on the seat? (OK, I'll take this one myself: Because even they're not that desperate.)
Hey, the dude won the race, so I guess you can only give the guy so much, well, crap (pardon the pun). But that's some pretty crazy ... er ... stuff, huh? Have you ever done anything insane in the name of running?


Anonymous said...

He loves the smell of methane in the morning!!!

Anonymous said...

I had a friend that was trying to succeed at an acting career so when funds got low she went without buying deodorant...bad, bad idea...just like this one.

Anonymous said...

Clearly, he had a case of the runs.

Anonymous said...

If it was set up just for the race, it's possible it was unused & clean. I know that's not as funny, but I figure we can give the kid some credit.

Justin Weber said...

Hey, this is Justin, my mom found your article today browsing for the runners world article, I thought it was pretty funny but figured I fill in some gaps that runners world failed to include. I am in College in Charleston so I ran from the college with a bookbag and a sleeping bag to folly approx 10 miles. When I got there I set up underneath the pier and slept until about 4am when some drunks woke me up. Then I went to the porty jon and as the guy above has said it was there specifically for the race and had been unused. It was November at the time and it starting pouring and if you put the two together winter + Rain + beach(wind) = cold as hell. So I sat it out in the porty jon fell asleep and the race director actually woke me up about two hours later. She actually did think that I was a hobo and told me I had to move elsewhere. So when I won the race the director appologized and asked me why I was in there and then sent a paper via email to runners world. I am not poor enough to be unable to afford a hotel room I just prefered not to spend $180 for one night and did not plan on falling asleep in the porty jon. Hope I answered your questions.

P.S. I'm not quite sure where she got the ocean waves as being soothing and relaxing because the drunks were anything but it.

Justin's Mom said...

thanks for clarifying how wrong the media got the facts; still a funny story though.

porta potty said...

"he had a case of the runs"

now that is the most funniest thing I have read all day!

e cigarettes said...

Well, you certainly can't rely on the media to give accurate news... even though it is part of the job.

Thanks for clearing that up, Justin, and congrats on winning the race!

Anonymous said...

--Fake News--

There was no race. No homeless winner. There is no magazine called "Runners World."

Hillary made all of this up. SAD!