Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I'm a slave to my gear. Are you?

Ever more frequently, I look at the corner of my vanity or the corner of my bedroom -- both of which have become dumping grounds for various running accessories -- and wonder, do I really put all this stuff on every time I go out for a run?

If you asked my wife, the answer would be, "No, but you really need to find a drawer for all of this stuff." If you ask me, the answer is: It depends. On how far I'll be running. On where I'll be running. And on who I'll be running with.

In general, though, this is my inventory list for:

  • Races: SPIbelt (for digital camera or cellphone, depending on mood/circumstances), Garmin watch with heart monitor, Road ID, GU Energy Gel.
Also, on pre-dawn or late-evening runs, I wear a cheapo blinking red light that clips to my waistband. I do not run with music.

What gear will you not leave home without? Are there accessories you're saving for, or planning to buy soon? Are there things you bring on runs that you'd like to give up? (Me, I'm considering ditching the strap-on heart-rate monitor because it sometimes slips, occasionally chafes. Badly.)


Jason said...

The one thing I can't live without is music. I've tried to run without it but just can't seem to get into that 'Zone.' I too have a hydration belt that I have become addicted to for long runs. I use ShotBlocks instead of the gels. My next wish list item is a Garmin watch. The larger question is that with all this stuff, how long does it take to get ready to get out the door?

Chad R. said...

As for me, here are the accessories I generally bring along. Best thing is to lay the stuff out the night before the run/race. I G\generally don't carry a cell phone nor music. Part of the appeal of running is getting away from such things.

Short runs: Garmin Forerunner 205 (I had a 405 but my wife liked it so much she now uses it), Road ID, sunglasses.
Long runs: All of the above, plus a hydration belt (either a one- or two-bottle, depending), Endurolytes, and a couple of gels.
Races: Garmin, Road ID, sunglasses, sunscreen & Body Glide already applied, gel-ready race number belt from Fuel Belt.

Anonymous said...

I really dont understand the need for any of the things you just listed. I ran a 1/2 marathon in March with nothing but my mp3 player. You have to hydrate for a race during the days leading up to the race, in my opinion. Things I do use: lots of tight uderarmor to reduce friction, sweatbands (more convenient than carrying a towel), and something to cover your head (like an UA wick cap or bandana).

Anonymous said...

Watch, sunglasses, Ipod and Fuel Belt are all necessites for summer running. Expired license in my shoe wallet. Gu if it is over 8 miles.

adrian said...

Can't leave home without the ipod or Garmin 405 no matter the distance.
Long runs - hydration belt, towel, sports glide to the sensitive areas,
Races - same as long run sans the hydration belt

chupacabra said...

I just take the dog. I have a road id on my shoe but then again the dog has on dog tags. We'll probably be together if anything happens. I have a cambelback fanny pack for long runs. I make sure to run through the park though so dog can get water.

that's it really

I enjoy my time away from technology and would rather be able to hear traffic than music.

Anonymous said...

You guys bring a lot of stuff. Depending on what I'm trying to accomplish with the workout, I may bring a watch. Hydration if over 10 miles. That's it. If you're not going marathon distance, gels are a waste of time. Just run and don't worry about all the crap.

Brandon said...

If you're not going over 10 miles drinking is unneccessary. You should be hydrated well enough before the run. Drinking just slows you down by diverting bloodflow from your muscles to your stomach.

Anonymous said...

I wear a watch, carry keys, usually carry water if over 75 out or running more than 6 miles. A gel or 2 if over 10 miles.

I hate fuel belts. LOL, I carried a water bottle for 26 miles.... good bicep workout.

Anonymous said...

This time of year...shoes, shorts, socks, watch, and sunglasses. On long runs over 13 miles or so, a strategically placed water bottle on my route somewhere and a few GUs on me. I am a minimalist.

Dee said...

I have to agree with Anon 9:17, people seem to bring way to much stuff with them. Most people do not need gels or anything of the sort.

I do an out and back 8 mile trail several times for my long runs so I just leave a water bottle at one end and grab a sip every 8 miles if necessary. The heat has never required me to need water sooner, because I hydrate properly beforehand.

I apply sunscreen and body glide before I go.

Love my ipod and my RoadID is great for safety purposes. Definitely a minimalist.

Anonymous said...

To the people who say you don't need water unless you are going 8-10 miles...there is a difference between running and jogging in the Carolina heat.

Rachel said...

i really want a new mp3 to run with. i had a large ipod but it doesn't work anymore i think bc i ran with it alot and i ultimately need a smaller one. and i'd like to get a road id. also need new sneaks. well i guess there is a lot of running gear that i need/want. =)