Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What's your favorite distance?

Yesterday, I posted this status update on Facebook: "My favorite distance: 5 miles. Substantial enough so I can eat 2 Pop Tarts later sans guilt, but over before it gets boring. Your favorite distance?"

I was intrigued by the mini-discussion it sparked, so I thought I'd toss it open to you guys. Among the responses:

  • "I agree! Five miles is just enough to justify some reward ... ."
  • "Five is good, but I like to push it just a bit farther to claim the 10K mark."
  • "Ten miles! That way you can treat yourself and drink all the beer you want!!!"
  • "I think it's a half-marathon ... . The thing I like about it: it's a good challenge and takes some dedication, but it doesn't take out of you what a marathon does."
  • "26.2. Nothing beats the awesome challenge of 25-plus miles. Least favorite: 5K. Way too painful."
Now, personally, my favorite race distance is the half. When I made that my FB status, I was more thinking of your regular old garden-variety morning run.

But let's get it all out there. What's your favorite race distance? And/or what distance makes for the most satisfying morning/afternoon/evening run?


spinelabel said...

You got that right, Theoden!

I am satisfied with myself after a five-mile weekday training run.

smitty said...

If it does not eclipse the 26 mile marker. It is not worth lacing the shoes up.
Qualified for Boston this weekend finally. Eigth attempt.

Anonymous said...

My favorite is 8 miles. For me, it's enough to feel satisfying but not so long I have to plan my day around it.

Can't wait to hit 26.2 though! I'm also in the NYC lottery! With Thunder Road as my backup.

Anonymous said...

Another vote for eight. Anything longer takes too much time.

wmaa said...

Half rocks! You get the satisfaction of a long distance but not wiped out like a marathon. You go at a good pace but you have time to make mistakes and bounce back.

Anonymous said...

Favorite weekday distance = 5 miles
Favorite weekend distance = 8 or 9 miles
Favorite race distance = 15K to half marathon

Richard Hefner said...

The 5k distance is okay by me. I don't mind running farther than that, but if I've got a choice I'm glad to keep it short and sweet.