Sunday, May 17, 2009

SkirtChaser: Your questions answered

Up for a party this weekend? Er, I mean, for a race?

The SkirtChaser 5K takes place this Saturday afternoon in Raleigh, with women's start at 5 p.m., the men beginning their pursuit at 5:03, and the "Block Party" -- featuring a fashion show, dating games and lots and lots of beer -- kicking off 12 minutes after that. (All the details about the race/fest are here.)

Earlier today, I connected with SkirtChaser Series Coordinator Sage Grossi to get more details on the fun-loving, female-empowering Memorial Day Weekend event:

Q. How many people are registered, and what number do you expect to get to by race day?
Right now, 450 are registered. At this rate we expect just over 600. We get a lot of day-of sign ups with a 5K.

Q. Does the race typically draw more girls, more guys, or is it about equal?
Typically more women. We are at 70/30 on average for women vs. guys … . [So] come on out guys! The odds are great.

Q. Pretend I'm a critic of the race, and respond to this statement: "What a sexist idea for a race! Doesn't this set the women's movement back 30 years?"
No way! The concept of our race is to promote women’s fitness, style and confidence. Our mission is to empower women through looking good and feeling good. You can run fast, sweat and look good doing it. The purpose of incorporating the guys is to not leave out the men in our lives. We want them to have some fun, too.

Q. Personally, I think the concept is superfun and the experience sounds like a blast. How much different is the mood/atmosphere at the SkirtChaser than it is at a typical 5K? Are runners friendlier? Flirtier? Louder? More obnoxious?
Our race is more about the post-race party than the run itself. That is what makes this event so different than a typical 5K. It is an evening start time (5 p.m.) with the finish line funneling all the runners right into the party with live music, free beer, food and entertainment. I would describe our atmosphere as exciting and very social!

Q. Who's winning the battle of the sexes at the Raleigh race, the guys or the girls (i.e. have there been more male or female winners since the race started there?)?
Across the U.S., more women have won the race, but last year in Raleigh a "SkirtChaser" won. I hear he may return to [attempt] another victory.

Q. What's the course like? Flat? Hilly?
The course is surprisingly hilly for Raleigh.

Q. Alright, so when is Charlotte going to get a SkirtChaser race??
We are working on expanding our 2010 series to include 10 additional locations … you never know when the SkirtChaser Series will arrive in your town. If not -- it is worth the travel to the nearest one.